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In order to realize the full potential of your snowmobile you need to get the power to the ground. 
Stud Boy snowmobile stud products for added safety and control & specialized racing applications
Power Point
Stainless Steel Power Point
Power Point Kits
Firecat Stud Kits
Power Point Plus
SPT( Safety Push Through)
Ice Pixx
Kwix Pixx
Hill Climb Ice Screws
Lake Racer Stud
Stud Boy Snowmobie Studs

Performance increase in the range of 30% or better.

Safety! Safety! Safety!
Added control in icy, or hard pack conditions.
Due to increased traffic on trails today we face icy cleared out turns, hills and roads along with riders coming from the other direction. Studs will increase your ability to stop in these adverse conditions. Whether you race or ride the trails let Stud Boy® help you to realize your sleds full potential with Carbides and Studs.
View our Studding Process page for tips on Studding. As the length of stud varies for each snowmobile and application. Incorrect stud length and the failure to use tunnel protection can Severely Damage the tunnel and track of your snowmobile!