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This innovative shape provides great stud support and is almost unbendable.
We added a radial lobe to a standard 1.125” backer by reducing wear and tear on the track and increasing stud rigidity. By decreasing the weakest flat corner area of the square backer we have reduced unnecessary weight and bending of the corners for a super strong design. This durable design is lighter than two (2) aluminum single backers, and allows for extra scratchlines when studding for aggressive performance.
Stud Boy "Single Power Plate" & " Double Power Plate" Snowmobile Stud Backer

Snowmobile Industries Best Backer Series

The “Power Plate” Backer is the industries best backer!
The #1 choice of many snocross racers and aggressive trail riders, this ISR legal aluminum double backer features light-weight rigid mounting for two (2) 5/16” studs.
Choice of many ( Sno-Cross ) racers and aggressive trail riders
ISR Legal
“Power Plate” Aluminum Double Backer

Durable design & lighter than two single backers
Order # Diameter Qty. Pack List Price Buy Now
2193-P1 5/16" 24PK $16.99
2193-P3 5/16" 96PK $59.99
2193-P6 5/16" 144PK $87.99
2193-P5 5/16" 1000PK $559.99
Double Power Plate
2266-P1 5/16" 24pk $29.99
2266-P2 5/16" 48pk $58.99