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Sledhead 24/7 Super-Lite Pro Series Backer Install Video - Click Here

Stud Boy - Super-Lite Pro Series Backer Install Video - Click Here
I'm a supported racer on your program and have some feed back on your Super-lite pro backers.
So this maybe should be forwarded to the racer department?
Me and my partner ran them in this years Iron Dog on our Indy's and in some of the toughest conditions this race has every seen 100's of miles no snow, Water and Ice. Over 2000 miles we put on these backers and studs and not a single broken one. We had a couple backers turn side ways but other then that not one issue. I believe we may have been the one of the first teams to use these in this race.  So I think some feedback is in order. I think you will see more next year including me and my partner.  I'm sold on these the year before we ran the steel backers and broke a few on both sleds but this year these performed great. We finished 14th which is a accomplishment in it self to finish. I still look to do better next year and still will be using these on our axys both training and race sleds.

Thanks again for your support I really appreciate it.

Ryan Folsom - Folsum / Greene iron Dog Team
Fairbanks Alaska